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Team Whistle – comprising Whistle, Tiny Horse, New Form Digital and Vertical Networks – is a global digital sports and entertainment company. ...

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Team Whistle – comprising Whistle, Tiny Horse, New Form Digital and Vertical Networks – is a global digital sports and entertainment company. Team Whistle creates and distributes engaging content experiences for today’s audiences, boasting over 4.2 billion monthly video views, 629 million total aggregated social audience, and 1600+ network channels.

Chris’s team delivered sharp decision-making frameworks and actionable market intelligence for our leadership. Their work significantly accelerated our go-forward planning and new product development

I regularly bounce new business ideas off Chris, as he has a great mind for sustainable value creation vs short term distractions in the media, tech and commerce industries. I look forward to working with him again

Michael Cohen, CEO

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Michael Cohen


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