Sports Betting x Media Watch List

June 10, 2021 by  Andrew Cohen

Executive Summary

As we noted in our report on the convergence of sports betting operators and media companies, the legalization of sports betting in the US has unleashed a land grab among sportsbooks seeking to acquire users and establish long-term market dominance.

Sportsbooks are betting that fan-loved media properties will drive high LTV customer acquisition. Some media companies are even taking advantage of this dynamic and launching their own sportsbooks (e.g. Barstool Sports’ Barstool Sportsbook, FOX Sports’ FOXBet, theScore’s theScore Bet, and FuboTV’s sportsbook set to launch in late 2021).

We don’t like to use clichés here at RockWater, but there truly is a whirlwind of activity happening in the space. To help you make sense of it all, we’ve compiled a watch list of over 50 notable sports betting x media partnerships, investments, and acquisitions since 2020.

Enjoy the findings!

Source data from public company filings, company press releases, and industry trades.

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