11 Must-Read Articles for Nextgen Consumer Execs

July 21, 2020 by  Chris Erwin

Today we highlight 11 articles from the Through Line archives. A mix of our Tuesday Takes and Thursday Industry Reports.

Since the Through Line newsletter launched in September 2019, we’ve written about audio, sports and food media, direct-to-consumer commerce, leadership, the streaming wars, digital publishers, and more.

And while we write about moment-driven topics, the analyses and takeaways are evergreen. Meaning our writings are helpful to all executives and investors navigating the nextgen consumer landscape.

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Blog Post Highlights from the Through Line Archives

Is Nike Adventure Club, a Subscription Service for Kids, a Winning Commerce Strategy?

October 22, 2019
An analysis of Nike’s new subscription service for kids, the parent/child co-consumption experience, and the power of brand identity


Explained: The Future of Ad-Supported TV

March 5, 2020
The “Streaming Wars” have been raging for years, but the “AVOD Battle” is now heating up. What is happening in the M&A markets, and how are middle market TV networks positioning for the future?


Breaking Down SiriusXM Video vs. Spotify Video

December 20, 2019
The recent SiriusXM Video announcement, Spotify’s exit from video in 2018, and why both strategies are right.


What COVID-19 Means for the Future of the Dining Ecosystem

April 2, 2020
How food media brands are using this transformative direct-to-consumer moment to solidify their roles in the dining ecosystem.


KSI vs. Logan Paul Rematch: The Most Aggressive New Bet in Sports Media

Nov 19, 2019
A rundown of DAZN’s promotional content campaign around its Logan Paul-KSI rematch fight and the success of these efforts in attracting youth audiences to its highly ambitious sports streaming platform


How WarnerMedia’s CEO Pick Will Change the Hiring Strategy for New Hollywood

April 16, 2020
WarnerMedia just appointed Jason Kilar, a consumer and digital-first executive, as its new CEO. We break down his five key leadership traits and how they will define the new hiring strategy for the future of Hollywood.


Time Out, MeatEater, NY Times, Complex: The Role of Commerce in Food Media

Feb 20, 2020
Food media is commanding outsized operator success and valuation premiums relative to peers. Why is this happening, and how do food media companies build smart commerce strategies?


Profits and Purpose: Crooked Media, Black Rifle Coffee, Ben & Jerry’s

June 11, 2020
Debates rage on about how businesses can function as forces for social progress beyond short-term cosmetic responses to consumer outcries. The prevailing notion is that brands need to choose between doing the right thing and doing the profitable thing. We disagree.


Lessons from Call Her Daddy: IP, Food, Talent, Leadership

May 26, 2020
The Call Her Daddy controversy is a wild story. Cutting through the “he said, she said”, there are important lessons about IP ownership, media-powered commerce, vlog style editing, the importance of team and fandom, talent negotiations, and how to lead with transparency.


Winning in Nextgen Sports Media: the RockWater Playbook (Part 3/3)

May 28, 2020
RockWater has developed a playbook for sports rights sellers and buyers to navigate the evolving media landscape. The playbook is based on the marketplace dynamics examined in Part One of our Sports Media Industry Report, and the nextgen case studies outlined in Part Two.


What Does Joe Rogan’s Exclusive Spotify Deal Signal for the Future of Podcasing?

May 19, 2020
This morning Spotify announced an exclusive licensing deal for the Joe Rogan Experience. Starting sometime after September 1 2020, the world’s most downloaded and widely distributed podcast will only be available on Spotify. It’s a landmark deal and signals the future of podcasting.

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