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Alison Eakle — EVP at Shondaland on Netflix Pacts, Bridgerton, Promotions After 30, and Motherhood

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Rise of Social Audio

Chris Ovitz — President at OK Play on Being a 3x Founder, Humble Leadership, and Reimagining Kids Screen Time

Aditi Dash — Partner at CircleUp on Surprise FDA Visits, Clubhouse, and Consumer Investing

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Kevin Gould — CEO of Kombo Ventures on $75 Million of Beauty Sales, Liquidating His IRA, and the Hottest Role in Town

Gretta Cohn — CEO of Transmitter Media on $7,000 of Startup Capital, Touring with Bright Eyes, and Making Beautiful Things

Mike Gaston — President of Stage TEN Studios on Bankruptcy, Founding, and the Future of Livestreaming

Interview with Christian Baesler, President of Complex Networks on German Village Life, Being a Touring DJ, Hot Sauce, and ComplexLand

Interview with Chas Lacaillade, Founder of Bottle Rocket Management on $5,000 Startup Loans, Jerry Maguire Moments, and the Digital Video Revolution

Interview with Adam Sachs, COO of Team Coco on Podcasting with Conan O’Brien, Group Dating, and Selling Midroll Media

Nicole Staple — Founder and CEO of Brideside on Investor Bias, Cancer Battles, and Rap Lyrics

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