Introducing Our New Microcast, the RockWater Roundup

May 26, 2021 by  Chris Erwin

Today we launch the RockWater Roundup, our new microcast.

The show is co-hosted by me and my colleague Andrew Cohen, and we break down various topics at the intersection of Media and Commerce. From digital video and social audio to livestreaming, NFTs, sports betting, and more.

…all in under 15 minutes!

Our goal is to help founders, investors, and operators (1) rapidly get smart on must-know industry news, and (2) make better business decisions. We’ll include insights based on our client advisory and market research, executive interviews, and blog writing.

The idea for the podcast was inspired by the acceleration of information and capital flows across the Media and Commerce industries. Each and every week, there are more newco fundraisings, M&A activity, and strategic partnerships. More key thought leaders to pay attention to. And media business models don’t change every year, but instead every week.

It’s an exciting time, but also overwhelming!

And it’s created a real problem.

Our industry peers increasingly lament that they don’t know (1) what is critical news VS public relations noise and chest-bumping, and (2) what the main takeaways are for their business i.e. how they can invest their capital, time, and team more productively.

At RockWater we deal with the same issue. It explains why we have our whole team come together for a couple hours every Monday morning for our What We’re Reading break down…it takes a village to get it right!

So, we created our own solution, and it builds off our internal systems for how we curate, and prioritize, the endless barrage of news for our strategy advisory clients.

We’ve been talking about this micrcoast launch for a while, and we’re now pumped to share it with you!

We plan to publish every one to two weeks (under promise, over deliver ;). And each episode will always be under 15 minutes. We kick off with four episodes in the bank:

  • AT&T Exits WarnerMedia and Lessons Learned

  • The Future of Livestreaming: Music and Sports

  • Sports Betting Media in Overdrive

  • Rise of Social Audio

You can listen, subscribe, and follow our show on:

…and the many 3rd-party podcast apps.

Our ask: wherever you listen, and particularly on Apple Podcasts, please give us a rating and write a short review. And forward this email to a friend. Doing so will help others discover the RockWater Roundup.

Many of you have demanded more content from us, and we’re glad to deliver in a new form.

A few quick notes:

  • We want your feedback. All of the good (keeps our spirits up), and the bad and ugly (makes us better). So email us anytime at

  • Follow us on twitter @RWrounduppod

Alright, in closing…like I noted in our The Come Up podcast launch email, our team is increasingly flexing its creative muscles. We’re learning a lot and being humbled every day, but work is incredibly fulfilling, and personally, it remains some of the most fun work of my career. And, our growing content portfolio points us towards new business opportunities for the RockWater brand, and for the emerging thought leaders on our team…like my co-host Andrew!

A huge thank you to our engineer, Daniel Tureck, who’s been with us since day one of our podcasting foray. And special thanks yet again to our cover art designer, Kevin Zazzali, who delights us with every single brand design touch. And of course, much appreciation to the (slowly) growing RockWater team, who contribute immensely to the topics we cover and the insights we share.

Lastly, thanks to all of you for being loyal readers of Through Line, listeners of The Come Up, and RockWater supporters. We’ll continue working hard to bring you smart industry insights, unique point of view, and executive access. So we can continue earning your readership, and your downloads.

Onward. And reminder to subscribe, follow, or whatever the platforms prefer to call it nowadays!


Ping us here at anytime. We love to hear from our readers.

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