WTF Just Happened to FaZe Clan?

October 27, 2023 by  Chris Erwin

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RockWater analysis to make you a better investor and operator. Today we discuss FaZe Clan’s fall from grace and $16M sale to Gamesquare. 

by Chris Erwin


WTF just happened to FaZe Clan? 😨

I dove into SEC filings and old articles to find out. My take…

FaZe was part of gaming and digital media hype cycle…

  • Global gaming activity growing quickly

  • Massive online fan growth

  • More fan engagement via competitions, rise of personalities

  • Assumed many ways to monetize

  • Esports is future of sports, massive market size

But challenge when rubber hit the road…

  • FaZe clan boasted 526M global fans. But counted fans of talent partners like Snoop Dogg, and much overlap across talent fan bases, social platforms

  • Fundamental ecosystem difference VS traditional sports: esports orgs don’t participate in media rights, creators reliant on 3rd party distribution

  • Big challenge turning digital fans into scaled $$

  • 70% of revenue via talent deals, of which 80% paid out

  • Lots of flash aka poorly spent $$, like multi-million talent deals

  • Reliant on $42M of VC investment to prop up company, hoping biz model figured out later

The result is brutal. Here’s 2022 FaZe financial performance per 10k…

  • $70M revenue

  • $15M gross margin, or only 21%

  • $22M increase in SG&A…against $6M in gross profit increase YoY…aka no fixed cost leverage!

  • $49M operating loss, expanding from $31M loss in 2021

  • $169M net loss incl debt extinguishment

Every fundamental going in wrong direction. Many 🚩 red flags for investors.

Which led to public market disaster…

  • $725M SPAC merger in July 2022

  • At peak valued at $1B, but marked down

  • Institutional investors got smart to FaZe reality, so…

  • $71M of $100M PIPE investment defaulted

  • 92% of SPAC shareholders redeemed shares, draining $159M of cash on hand

Retail investors got left holding the bag.

But investors and bankers should have never let this happen. Let’s look at valuation…

  • $1B peak valuation = 14x gross revenue. Very high for services biz!

  • I assert that GM is actually their net revenue = 67x multiple!

Which led to firesale announced last Friday…

  • Sold for $16M

  • All stock deal (no cash!)

  • 55% sold to Gamesquare, a diversified esports co backed by Dallas Cowboys owner

  • FaZe clan investors own remaining 45%

How the company plans to get back on track…

  • Return of original founders in CEO, Prez, COO roles

  • Focus on core fanbase

  • Focus on core biz: competition winnings, revenue splits with talent, helping brands get infront of gamer audiences

Good. I’m rooting for a much more sustainable path forward. The industry needs better datapoints.

My takeaways for investors and operators ▶️▶️▶️ fundamentals are now king, not hype.

We’re in a more pragmatic era for the creator economy.

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