Production Studio M&A Watch List

February 23, 2022 by  Eric Kenigsberg

Executive Summary

As the streaming wars continue heating up, both financial and strategic investors are acquiring production studios to bet on the increasing value of IP as well as to expand or strengthen genre and regional footprints, respectively.

In our original piece on production studio M&A, Why MGM Sold for 28x EBITDA and How Private Equity Will Fund the “Bullet Makers” of the Streaming Wars, we discussed many of the future driving forces of M&A in the streaming wars, including investments in studios that focus on underrepresented and niche communities (which we further fleshed out in our 2022 Content Predictions), investments in studios led by celebrities, as well as the expansion of the buyer-verse which will soon include streaming platforms, consumer brands, and more than ever, private equity firms.

As these factors fuel the next phase of M&A in the IP wars, the team will continue with coverage on our LinkedIn and blog posts; however, we foresee a ton of activity on the way and figured this database may just be the best way to keep track of it all.

Stay tuned and enjoy the findings!

Last Updated: April 26, 2022

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