Chris Peterson

March 1, 2024 by  Enes Ertekin

Advisor – Audio & Podcasting


With over 15 years of experience in the audio industry, Chris Peterson has a proven track record of building successful content and business strategies that drive growth and innovation. Currently, Peterson is the CEO & Founder of DWNLOAD Media, a podcast roll-up, and one of the leading voices in the podcast industry. Previously, he was the President of Kindred Media at LionTree, a global investment and merchant bank. While at LionTree, they oversaw over $1b in podcast M&A, including the sale of Wondery, Stitcher, and Serial, and led investments into multiple audio companies. Before that, he created and launched the iHeart Podcast Network, which became the largest commercial podcast network in the world under his leadership, and led the acquisition of the How Stuff Works podcast network.

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