“Wish I Was Pink”

May 3, 2022 by  Eric Kenigsberg

OpenSea, Zed Run Official Website

Zed Run launched in 2019 as a Play-to-Earn (P2E) horse racing game. Players can enter their horses to compete for prizes or can charge other players to mate with their horse. Every horse has unique attributes that increases / decreases its rarity.

As part of the RockWater Digital Goods Investment Fund that was launched in December 2021, “Wish I Was Pink” was our fourth acquisition. What we loved about this collection:

  1. Investment de-risked by renting out house to other players
  2. Ambitious vision with capital to execute, owner Virtually Human Studios raised $20M from a16z in 2021
  3. Well-known collection that aligns with our sports and video game coverage verticals
  4. Liquidity (200+ sales / day)

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