May 23, 2023 by  Adam Tung

charactr is pioneering a wave of next-gen AI clones. having developed proprietary machine learning models and visual technology for Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Speech, and Image Animation. This allows them to develop custom AI characters for SMBs and enterprises. The characters can be plugged directly into chatGPT’s API or into a company’s specific data set. Use cases include outbound biz dev, marketing content creation, customer information intake, customer retention, more.


RockWater leadership joined as pivotal members of charactr’s executive team to rapidly plan the company’s go-to-market launch and subsequent fundraise.


Mike and the RockWater team have been invaluable partners in transforming charactr’s product into an actionable business plan. I’d recommend them to any early stage tech founder in need of a high caliber swiss army knife


Paul Jaski, Founder and CEO

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